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Ethics and profesional conduct charter


I undertake to fully respect the ethical rules of my professional field, hiking, by practicing it within an ethical framework. ​


I am committed to offering a serious and quality approach including kindness, listening and total respect for the person and their pace. ​


I am committed to using my skills while respecting the values ​​and dignity of the client in the best interests of the latter. ​ I guarantee that I have sufficient professional skills to exercise and accompany people wishing to hike with us. ​


I guarantee a practice free from any religious tendency or sectarian drift.​​ ​ I am committed to offering a warm and caring welcome.


My goal is to enthusiastically transmit precise and varied knowledge, to share the riches of natural and cultural heritage, yesterday and today.


I undertake to develop the following skills: prudence, dignity, tact, judgment, objectivity, availability, courtesy, punctuality; these are the subject of this code.


I undertake to be punctual and guarantee the smooth running of the program and respect as much as possible the times allocated for visits/hikes.


I am committed to managing unforeseen events without losing sight of the final objective. But also to provide safety, caution and respect for the environment instructions.


I give myself the right to accept or refuse a service.


I only accept missions that fall within my field of skills and qualifications, and of which I am capable of ensuring the proper execution. It’s a question of respect for the public. ​


I comply with local and national regulations.


The customer undertakes to:


- Respect the cultural, historical, natural heritage and cultural and historical sites of the visited country:


Do not damage works of art or monuments, sometimes simply by touching them, do not remove archaeological remains, do not buy traditional or sacred objects from vandalized sites, etc.


- Respect for natural sites: use drinking water sparingly, avoid polluting the environment, do not leave waste or garbage, do not make fires without having requested authorization


- Respect for local fauna and flora: do not disturb the animals in their environment, respect a minimum distance when observing them, do not try to approach them, caress them or feed them. Do not ask your guide to break these rules etc.


- Respect for People: GreenGo RD Tours promotes the authenticity and diversity of meetings with local populations. We ask you to have an attitude of respect and humility towards the local populations encountered, their culture, their way of living, their rhythm of life: respect for certain “codes”, no formal dress disheveled or provocative clothing, no photos without first asking permission.


You can practice bargaining with tact, patience and humor


You can make donations on site in kind (notebooks, pens, supplies, etc.

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